Fines & Fees Policy

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Fines and Fees

The following fines and fees are presently in use in all Cooperative libraries:

- Single library visitor card                                              local library option
- Computer use only cards                                              local library option
- Non-resident full access card**                                $100
- Replace lost card                                                               $1
- Overdue DVDs or Electronic Games                    $.50 per day/$5 maximum per item
- Overdue materials – other                                         $0.15* per day/$5 maximum per item
- Overdue materials – special items                         $2 per day/$10 maximum per item

     *$0.20 per day for these items in Dunedin, East lake, Gulf Beaches, Palm Harbor and Safety
     **May be pro-rated to $25/quarter

• Non-resident card fees and all fines are retained by the issuing or collecting library.
• Fines and fees for other materials and services, such as meeting rooms and
    photocopies, are set and collected by individual libraries.
• A cumulative past due fine or fee of $10 or more owed at one or more Cooperative
    libraries will result in the suspension of borrowing privileges at all Cooperative
• Libraries may not waive the collection agency fees.
• Overdue fines will begin 1 day after the due date, giving one free day on all charges.

Damaged or Lost Materials

Fees for lost or damaged material are assessed by the owning library, as are collection agency fees.
Any library receiving damaged material or payment for lost material, processing fees and/or
collection agency fees will forward that material/payment to the owning library.

• For lost or damages items, the replacement cost is the library’s purchase price plus a $5
    processing fee but overdue charges are waived if an item is paid for.
• In lieu of the purchase price, some libraries may allow the patron to replace a lost item
    with another item in new or like new condition as long as the ISBN is the same, only
    paying the $5 processing fee charge. The patron must get prior approval to provide a
    replacement item from the owning library.
• Damaged material will be returned to the owning library for the determination of the
    assessed fee BEFORE the item is checked in. The owning library will be responsible for
    notifying the patrons of any charges imposed.
• Receiving libraries will be responsible for notifying patrons of missing items and will
    make every reasonable effort to insure items are complete before returning them to the
    owning library.
• Payment collected for these situations must be forwarded to the owning library and checks
    should be made out to the owning library by the patron.
• Communication with the owning library is crucial throughout this process.