Meeting Room Policy

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The Clearwater Public Library System maintains meeting room facilities. Meeting rooms are intended to further the library's mission by facilitating the exchange of diverse information and ideas. The primary purpose of meeting rooms is for library activities, including programs presented by library staff, the Friends of the Library, the Library Foundation and other organizations affiliated with the library or the city of Clearwater.


Terms of Use

  1. No group may schedule a meeting more frequently than once a month per facility.
  2. Meetings must be scheduled 96 hours (4 days) in advance and may be scheduled up to six (6) months in advance.
  3. Scheduling is not complete until you receive an email or phone call confirmation.
  4. Unwanted reservations must be cancelled as early as possible. Three cancellations/no shows within a calendar year will result in forfeiture of meeting room privileges.


Meeting Room Policy

  1. When a meeting room is not being used for a library or City activity, the space will be available free of charge to the public for governmental, civic, cultural, informational or educational programs or meetings of interest to the public. Meeting rooms may only be used during the library’s open hours.
  2. Access will be provided on equal terms, regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of individuals or groups requesting use. Availability is on a first come, first served basis. Library events take precedence and may result in the rescheduling of previously reserved time slots, although every effort will be made to avoid conflicts.
  3. All meetings must be free and open to the public. No admission fees will be charged. No products or services may be advertised or sold and purchases or donations may not be solicited. Organizations conducting business meetings or presenting programs may wish to restrict or limit public comments during all or part of the meeting or program. Any such restrictions should in no way interfere with the public's ability to attend, observe or listen to the program. With prior approval of the Library Director, educational courses may charge fees for learning materials or course credits, but the program must be open for observation to members of the public who don't pay fees. Attendees may not be required to supply personal information (i.e. name, telephone number) to attend any meeting held in the library.
  4. Permission for use of a library meeting room does not imply library or city of Clearwater endorsement of the views, opinions, policies or activities of groups or organizations using the library's facilities. Any announcement or publicity implying such endorsement is prohibited. Neither the library nor the city of Clearwater is responsible for the accuracy, use or consequence of statements made during such meetings.
  5. All meetings must be completed one half hour (30 minutes) before the library closes. Meeting rooms must be left clean and in the same condition as they were prior to the meeting. Failure to comply with the meeting room policy or rules may result in loss of meeting room privileges.
  6. Permission to use a meeting room includes ordinary use of the furniture and fixtures, electrical lines and public address system, if available. All other items must be provided by the person or group reserving the room. Any set up of the room, including moving and/or setting up tables and chairs, must be done by the patrons using the room.
  7. There shall be no interference with the normal use of the library by others because of any meeting, and must not interfere with library operations. The library retains the right to end a meeting at the sole discretion of the Library Director or his/her designee. Any group that does not comply with the policy and rules for use of meeting rooms or the library's Code of Conduct and applicable laws, including occupancy regulations, will forfeit their right to future use of all library meeting rooms.
  8. The library retains the right to deny the space to any user whose planned use of the space does not comply with these terms and conditions. Failure to comply with the Meeting Room Policy or rules may result in loss of meeting room privileges, immediately or in the future. The Library Director is responsible for the administration of this policy and for establishing administrative procedures for its implementation.
  9. The library reserves the right to impose any additional rules or regulations, whether or not expressly provided herein, which may be in the best interest of the library in the operation of its facilities and, as such, they shall be binding on the applicant/user.
  10. The city of Clearwater, Clearwater Public Library System and its employees are not responsible for accidents, injuries, loss, theft or damage to individuals or their personal property that may occur as a result of actions of sponsors or while using library meeting rooms.
  11. Consumption of alcoholic beverages, use of drugs or tobacco products and burning of candles or open flame containers are prohibited on library premises.