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How do I check out 3M eBooks?

3M is fully integrated with the library catalog. Use the catalog to search for 3M books, place holds, check out, and return your eBooks. Get started browsing our selection of 3M titles. More wil be added soon. You will need your library card number and pin to access this service. Once you check out the book via the catalog, you will need to use the app specific to your device.

Which e-readers are compatible with 3M?

The 3M Cloud Library currently works with iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Nook devices, Kobo, and Android tablets and phones. You can also read the app on your Windows or Apple computer. Download the app you need here.

How long may I check out my eBooks on 3M?

14 days.

Can I renew eBooks on 3M?

Unfortunately, no, you cannot renew eBooks. If the book is on hold it will go to the next person waiting. If it's not requested, you can check it out again.

Can I return my eBooks early on 3M?

Yes. You can return eBooks early using the app.

Is there any way to add my name to a waiting list for an eBook on 3M?

Yes! If an eBook is already checked out, click Place Hold and you will be notified through the Polaris sytem when the hold is available for checkout.

How do I know what eBooks I've read on 3M?

The 3M app automatically maintains a reading history. You have the option to delete your reading history should you choose.

If you have a question you don't see answered here, please email or call us.