Maker Studios Terms of Use

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Users must agree to these terms to use the Maker Studios

Access Requirements

  • The Clearwater Maker Studios (“Studios”) are comprised of hands-on learning and experimentation spaces where community members can design, prototype, and create works using library equipment, software and shared resources.
  • The Studios are free and open to the public. A library card is not required for access.
    • Programs, classes, workshops and drop-in sessions are held at various days and times throughout the week and vary according to the Studio. Registration may be required for certain events.
  • Access to Studios is limited to library operating hours. Individual Studio hours may vary.
  • Certain Studios may be reserved by users for independent use. Reservations will be tentative until approved by staff.
    • Users must be prepared to present a valid photo identification (e.g. driver’s license, passport, school ID) in order to confirm their identity when using a reserved Studio. ID and reservation names must be the same.
  • An orientation and training may be required for use of a Studio and its equipment, tools, supplies and software.
  • Persons with a disability may request reasonable accommodations to be able to access the Studios. Generally, seven (7) day advance notice is required to review reasonable accommodation requests. However, a response to an immediate need for accommodation will be considered to the fullest extent possible.
  • Certain Studios have additional guidelines, rules or restrictions not outlined in these Terms of Use.

Rules of Conduct

  • Users must agree to adhere to the Maker Studios’ Terms of Use, the Clearwater Public Library System’s Code of Conduct and Internet Policy, and all Federal and State laws and regulations in order to use the Studios.
  • Users must immediately report any accidents, damage or technical problems to library staff.
  • Security of personal items is the responsibility of the user. Personal items will be removed from the Studios and placed in lost and found in accordance with library policy.
  • Studios must be left clean and in the same condition as they were prior to use.

Using the Maker Studios

  • Users are not permitted to access or create any weapons or any obscene, pornographic or illegal materials.
  • The library reserves the right to refuse any request to use Studio equipment, tools, supplies and software.
  • No personal equipment can be connected to any Studio equipment without the approval/clearance of staff.
  • The Clearwater Public Library System is not responsible for the loss, theft, copying, or damage of electronic files and data. Users are responsible for transferring, saving and deleting electronic content created.
  • The Studios are provided on an “as is” basis, without warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied, including without limitation, implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement.

Damaged Equipment

  • Patrons are responsible for the cost of any items damaged while being used.
  • It is the patron’s responsibility to point out any suspected existing damage to library personnel at the time of use.
  • Conditions that are considered as damaged equipment can include, but not necessarily be limited to the following:
    •  broken equipment, equipment damaged by food or drink stains, equipment missing parts or covers, equipment containing markings, or any abuse that renders the equipment unusable.
  • Patrons are liable for charges incurred to repair or replace the item, as well as for any associated processing fees.
    • Repair or replacement costs are assessed at the library’s discretion.
  • All Library equipment remains City property even if they have been billed and paid for. Thus, payment of repair or replacement charges does not entitle the borrower to keep the equipment which has been damaged or replaced. 
  • The Library will not accept replacement copies of equipment items.

Intellectual Property Rights & Copyright

  • The Clearwater Public Library System is not responsible for any infringement of intellectual property rights that might occur by a patron’s use of, or access of, the Studios. It is the responsibility of users to ensure their activities do not infringe on the copyright or intellectual property rights of others.
  • Users shall respect the intellectual property rights of others.
    • According to the World Intellectual Property Organization, intellectual property refers to “creations of the mind, such as inventions; literary and artistic works; designs; and symbols, names, and images used in commerce” and is protected by patents, copyright, trade secret, and trademark laws.

Termination of Privileges

  • The Clearwater Public Library System may terminate or suspend any and all use of the Studios, without prior notice or liability, if a user breaches any of the terms or conditions of these Terms of Use.

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