Seed Library Policy and Procedures


The Clearwater Public Library System offers patrons the opportunity to check out seeds from the Seed Library at the Countryside Branch in an effort to expand access to homegrown food, encourage plant biodiversity in Clearwater’s local communities, and to support the city of Clearwater’s sustainability mission.


Seeds are ordered, and donations accepted, from pre-selected vendors and established organizations only, which have been approved by Library Administration. Preference will be given to acquiring heirloom or organic seed varieties to engender a more robust and diverse garden. Seeds are separated into smaller, circulating packs, which can be checked out by library patrons in good standing.


  • Patrons may check out up to three (3) seed packs at a time, and up to nine (9) per month.
  • Seed packs are non-reservable and available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Patrons must check out seed packs at the inside front desk with a staff member.
  • Seed packs have no due date; patrons may keep the seeds and are not required to return anything to the library. 

Reviewed January 2023