Summary of Borrowing Rules for Most Common Items

Material Type Checkout Limit Loan Period in Days Renewals Hold Request Limit
Audiobooks 25 28 3 25
Books-most 50 28 3 25
Books-new 50 14 3 25
DVDs/Blu-rays 25 7 3 25
Interlibrary Loans 5 Varies Varies 5
Magazines 50 14 3 0
Music CDs 25 14 3 25
Video games 5 14 3 25

Checked-out items that do not have any requests on them will be renewed automatically up to two times.

Checkout Limits: Individual accounts are limited to a cumulative total of 50 items.

Renewals will not be granted if outstanding requests are pending for a title.

Hold Request Limit: Individual accounts are limited to a cumulative total of 25 pending requests.

PPLC member libraries are overdue fine free effective October 1, 2021.

  • Some libraries assess fines on specialty items due to limited availability and popularity.
  • Fines on accounts prior to October 1, 2021 are eliminated.
  • Charges for lost and damaged items will remain.
  • If items are not returned by the 10-day grace period, borrowing privileges are locked until items are returned in good condition.
  • If items are not returned in good condition, borrowers will be charged the replacement cost of the item(s) plus fees.

Some individual libraries offer unique collections of items with different loan periods, hold restrictions, and/or fine structure.

Reviewed October 2021