Use the Memvelope Service

What is the Memvelope service? 

The Memvelope, or memory envelope, is a no cost, drop-off digital conversion service offered by the Clearwater Public Library System. Pinellas County residents can pick up a Memvelope at any Clearwater library during open hours, fill it with a variety of items, drop it off for library staff to digitize, and pick up the completed digital files and originals at a later date.

The Heritage Studio at the Main Library offers patrons the option to reserve time to digitize a variety of items at self-service stations. The Memvelope provides greater flexibility to those who cannot spend time in the Heritage Studio.

How does the Memvelope work?

Step 1.Pick up

A Memvelope (memory envelope) packet at any Clearwater library.

The packet includes a 12” x 15.5” envelope and a Temporary Loan Agreement(PDF, 101KB) form.

Step 2.Organize and count

Organize and count the items to be dropped-off.

Step 3.Complete agreement

Complete the Temporary Loan Agreement(PDF, 101KB) form and included item inventory.

Step 4.Sign and date the form

Step 5.Fill the Memvelope

Fill the Memvelope packet with your items, storage media (USB flash drive or similar) and close.

  • The envelope must be able to close completely using its metal clasp.
  • Don't forget to write your name and contact information on the Memvelope.

Step 6.Drop off the Memvelope

Stop by the a service desk at any Clearwater library.

Step 7.Staff will review

Staff will review and sign the Temporary Loan Agreement(PDF, 101KB) form.

Step 8.You will retain a copy of the signed form

Treat this copy as your receipt.

Step 9.Staff digitizes your items and contacts you when everything is ready

Staff will contact you for pickup!

Terms of Use

  • Users must adhere to the Maker Studios Terms of Use, the Library Code of Conduct, and all federal, state, and local laws.
  • Users must be at least 18 years old.
  • Users must complete a Temporary Loan Agreement(PDF, 101KB) form whenever dropping off items.
  • Users are limited to one (1) drop-off per month and up to (2) per household.
  • All drop-off items must fit within a 12” x 15.5” envelope provided by the Library.
    • Vinyl records that do not fit in the envelope must have the owner’s full name clearly marked.
    • There is a limit of four (4) video cassettes of any format per drop-off.
  • Users must provide storage media along with their items.
    • USB flash drives or SD cards are recommended.
    • At least 8GB of storage is recommended. Note: 1 hour of video is stored as 1GB.
  • Staff will complete digitization within 28 days after drop-off.
    • If more time is expected, the user will be contacted by staff.
  • Staff will not edit, retouch, or otherwise alter digitized item files.
  • Items must be picked up within 30 days after Library staff provide notice that digitization is complete.

Review the Memvelope Temporary Loan Agreement(PDF, 101KB) .