About the Maker Studios

What are Maker Studios?

The Clearwater Public Library System's Maker Studios are comprised of hands-on learning and experimentation spaces where community members can design, prototype, and create works using library equipment, software, and shared resources.


  • Creation Studio for Arts & Design
  • Discovery Studio of Creative Learning
  • Innovation Studio of Technology & Business (includes the Multimedia Studio)
  • Heritage Studio of Community Memory

The collection of four Studios located on separate floors of the Main Library in downtown Clearwater offers classes, drop-in sessions, and one-on-one training for all ages and interests. The Studios@Main offer many options for you to explore and develop interests in arts, science and technology, entrepreneurship and small business, and local history. At the Studios, you are encouraged to explore new skills and experiment.


The Studio@Countryside can be reserved for public use and offers access to scanners and computers with digital arts, video and audio post-production, and office productivity software. The Studio@Countryside is located at the Countryside Branch Library